Hi, I'm Lukas.

I am a freelance writer, musician,
webdesigner and translator from Germany.

You are interested in working with me?
Send me an email or follow me on Twitter.


I love the written word. Working with and on both
literary and non-fiction texts is by far
my most frequent creative output.

Over the last 5 years I consistently provided
journalistic works for several English and German technology websites, including
Beautiful Pixels, MacStories, iTopnews, and Analogue Spheres.

I also write German fiction, mostly short stories. I publish some of my work on a blog called Derridort. I also run The Infinite, a Storehouse education channel about all things literature, culture and arts.

I am constantly looking for new writing platforms and topics. If you are interested in hiring me for journalistic work, get in touch.


When I find some time, I play guitar, synths, and percussion with my friend Jana.
We call ourselves Waves In Wheels.

Occasionally, I play some acoustic bass in a smooth jazz trio with piano and female vocals.

I also make electronic music as Convex Fluctuation. It is mainly powered by Ableton Live and NI Maschine.

You can play my newest track below or everything else directly on SoundCloud.

Play & Pause


When designing for the web, I only work with modern technology. I design and develop custom portfolio and blog layouts as well as corporate identities with complete SEO services. I am a script writer for ad services, too.

I use HTML5 and CSS3 for basic web layouts and JavaScript, JQuery, and Python for interactive scripts. For dynamic backend structures, WordPress, PHP5 and MySQL are my main weapons of choice.

Visit the German literature blog zwei24 and the art website of Leonie Schön to look at web design and blog theme tweaking I did.


As a result of extensive writing and reading experience, I also offer sophisticated German/English translation services — no matter what direction. Currently, I am working as a freelance translator at prorsus ad agency in Dortmund, Germany.

My field of translation expertise comprises prose fiction (both novels and short stories) and any kind of non-fiction works about culture, politics, economics, digital technology, music, and literature.

So, you need a translation? Contact Me.

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